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Introducing 'Management Gamez' - an innovative experiential learning platform that uses the power of social commerce to upskill students in business, management, and entrepreneurial skills, in a structured,standardized and gamified manner.

Our Unique 'Approach' !

In our unique approach, the students are put in the shoes of the founders of a micro D2C store  and then, are walked through the cognitive steps, essential before, during and after launching a product in the market.

And, for this purpose students are provided with a learning dashboard connected with a Gogo Pogo powered micro store, known as PMF campaigns or 'Product Market Fit campaigns'.

How it Works ?


 Review Core Concepts

The students first review a few core concepts from strategy, product, marketing etc to lay the foundation for the upcoming steps.

 Apply Management Frameworks

In this step, the students experience a step-by-step walkthrough via guided worksheets, where they apply various management concepts and frameworks, such as Segmentation Targeting and Positioning, 4Ps, User persona, Consumer Psychology etc, directly to their business building process.

 Form Assumptions and Hypotheses

The students form assumptions and hypotheses about their product and target market, which they test in the next step.

 Launch PMF Campaign

The students access the GogoPogo dashboard to launch Product Market Fit (PMF) campaigns, which are 1-pager micro stores with a limited number of products bearing a specific design. The goal is to understand the market response and validate their product hypothesis in the real world. These campaigns have a goal, a deadline, and diminishing discounts, and the students need to submit a 1-pager report on their observations, insights, and learnings at the end of the campaign, whether successful or not.

 Record &  Showcase your Experiences

Each step of the student's journey is recorded in an activity log with a timestamp, which can be showcased during interviews and added to their LinkedIn profiles. The students can choose their best-performing PMF campaigns to be featured in their activity logs.

 Receive Certificate

Upon submission of the 1-pager report, the students receive a certificate within 3-4 weeks, recognizing their active participation,learning and performance in the Management Gamez program.

Learning Outcomes

Develop practical business skills by applying classroom concepts, gaining end-to-end product launch experience, and documenting your learning process.

Apply Theory in Practice

Apply classroom concepts directly to a real-world business scenario and see the impact.

End-to-End Product Experience

Gain hands-on experience in developing a product from ideation to launch and beyond.

Showcase Your Journey

Document your observations, insights, and learnings to highlight your skills and experiences.

Who is it for ?

For Students of Business Administration & Business Management

Boost Your business credentials For business students and aspiring business managers - gain practical experience to strengthen your resume and showcase your business acumen in interviews.

For Students aspiring for Business and Management roles

For students looking to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application - directly apply management frameworks to launch a micro-business.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and side hustlers

Step into the founder's shoes and gain end-to-end experience in launching and testing a product idea.

About Us

Why we Exists?

Management Gamez addresses a very fundamental problem in the Indian education system, which is -

  • Only 60% of MBA graduates in India are employable.
  • Employability of graduates from new and lower tier B-Schools remains a challenge[Source]

Moreover, business and management are domains which are being pursued by graduates from various backgrounds and are not just restricted to only Business and management students.

We strongly believe, that in a country, where approximate 10 million or 1 Crore students graduate every year, and where availability of core jobs are very limited having good business, management and entrepreneurial skills can open up various opportunities for a student - in today's competitive world

For example

  • One can apply to relevant roles from various sectors
  • try side hustles
  • or pursue the path of entrepreneurship.
About GogoPogo

GogoPogo is an early stage technology startup, precisely, a cross-border social commerce enabler, that enables individuals and entities to run their online merchandise stores, haviing products tailored to their specific audience, without any investment, without any inventory, and even without the default hassles of running an e-commerce business such as processing orders, managing vendors logistics, customer support, technology etc. and that too, by helping them go global with the help of integrated fulfillment partners across 30 countries.

For example, Let us say you are a Youtuber based in India, with an audience base from around the world, Now, if someone from the US places an order at your store, then, the order will be fulfilled by a US based vendor, and will be dispatched directly to the customer in the US, instead of shipping it from India thereby saving cost, time and carbon footprint.

You probably got many questions for us...

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